Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Battle with Wii Basic Run

This game gets on my nerves!!! At least it used to.  No matter what I did I would get a horrible burn rate at the end! What am I talking about? Wii Fit's Basic Run!  I mean I am in my living room wet as a seal and panting for dear life and I would get the most horrible scores ever!  What did it want from me!  Sheesh!  Anyway!  So this morning for the first time ever I got a 85% burn rate, it didn't feel as if I ran faster than any other time...but I noticed one thing.  I kept up with the other lil Wii characters along the trail.  So that is how they measure your rate!  Before I would never see any other characters while I ran for my life....I would let them pass me because its not supposed to be a race.  Apparently they should name it Basic Race instead!  Due to my low scoring in the past, I would avoid the game all together because I dont like losing especially if I am the only one playing! That's no fun...but now I have a strategy and I will conquer you Basic Run! Not to mention it burns a truck load of calories.  

Speaking of which I think I will play right now....
I may even try the long distance route....a good way to cap off the night!  Running Ive learned is a great reliever of the day's escapades.  I dont do stress but sometimes you just have to release or you will find yourself there...ya know!  If you have Wii Fit...get into it!

Till Next Time
Running for my Life (and waistline too)


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